Horse’s Detail:

Height: 15.2
Gender: Mare
Color: 15.2
Trotter or Pacer: Trotter
Raced: Yes
Training: Trained to drive, Trained to ride, Trail / Pleasure, Western
Temperament: 2
(1 being very calm and 5 being very excitable)
Location: Limington
Price: Good home most important

Description/More Details: I have a standardbred mare I am looking to place. She has an unreadable lip tattoo but the dentist thinks between 15 and 20. She freely walk trots and canters. I’ve never seen her pace so I’m guessing she was a trotter. I am also guessing she has been a broodmare in the past the way she responds to know horses particularly geldings when she first meets them. But she also has pin fire marks so she has raced some. We have done a ton of round pen work and some trail rides. She is more confident going out with another rider but will go out alone as long as she has a confident rider to reassure her the world isn’t out to get her haha. She is the sweetest mare and is great with dogs and my 2 year old son. I just don’t have the time she deserves to continue her training during my pregnancy and it’s unfair to her to let her sit.

Contact Info:

Name: Jesika Leary
Phone: 2072299294
Email: horsesjt@hotmail.com

Listed On: Dec 29, 2016