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Gloria Steiger, President
Derek J Rouleau, Vice President
Denise Metayer , Treasurer
Marjorie McDonald, Secretary

Board of Directors:
The above officers and
Deb Dubois, Marilyn Ives, Pam Rhodes

Hay for Horses Program:
Brenda Bryant, Marilyn Ives, Barbara Pretorius
This committee is responsible for providing hay for horses in need due to extenuating circumstances.  An application must be completed and criteria met in order to be eligible for assistance. For more information, call
207-985-9144 or 207-284-2230.

Horse Show Committee:
Robyn Cuffey, Brenda Bryant, Marilyn Ives, Barbara Pretorius

New England Regional Awards Program:
Robyn Cuffey, Marcia Flagg, Pam Rhodes

World of Horses: Brenda Bryant

Facebook: Carol Hill, Brenda Bryant, Gloria Steiger

The Horse’s Maine & NH Newsletter: Robyn Cuffey

Membership: Barbara Pretorius

Webmaster: Derek Rouleau

To Volunteer, contact   Robyn Cuffey