Horse Power Farm Cross Country Derby

October 14, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Horse Power Farm
233 Woodchuck Hill Rd
Canterbury, CT 06331

HPF Eventing Derby Rules & General Information


1.   The cross country course will be judged according to the current USEA rules. Your 1st round will be your scoring round. An extra round may be added.  Coaching by your trainer/coach is permitted and encouraged during “extra round”.  Assistance by Event Management is also available on request.

2.   Any horse/rider and division combination accepted.

3.   Jump placement and courses will be changed for each derby.

4.   All courses will be open to walk Friday at 3pm. Derby Day course will be open at 9 am and close at 4:00 pm. Scoring will be posted after the last ride of the day on Saturday. Ribbons 1st – 6th will be mailed. Closest to Optimum Time ribbon will be awarded at each Derby.  Series and special awards will be presented at the last Derby of the year.

5.   Safety vests and ASTM-certified headgear must be worn when mounted.

6.    $35 per division. Extra round $15. The event’s closing date is the 7th day prior to the event. Post closing-date entries will be accepted (with an additional fee of $10).

7.   Management reserves the right to stop and excuse an unsafe horse/rider combination. Rider fall in Elementary and Beginner Novice, 65 penalty points. You MUST land on your feet. Landing anywhere other than feet, elimination.  Novice fall, elimination, and you must leave the course.  With assistance from your trainer you can school an “extra round”.

8.   Dogs must be leashed at all times.

9.   A signed liability waiver must accompany each entry. 

10.  Current coggins & rabies certificates must accompany entry and will be kept on file for the year.

Class List

  • Elementary                     2’  @ 300mpm
  • Beginner Novice       2’7”  @ 325mpm
  • Novice                         2’11” @ 350mpm for details