Lightnin Spur aka Bug


Horse’s Detail:

Height: 15.2
Gender: Gelding
Color: 15.2
Trotter or Pacer: Pacer
Raced: Yes
Training: Trained to drive
Temperament: 3
(1 being very calm and 5 being very excitable)
Location: New Durham, New Hampshire
Price: Adoption Fee

Description/More Details: Bug Brown is the one of the most handsome pasture ornaments I have seen. However, like every other Mom on the planet, I think he is destined for better things. He has his driving license of course..and has had a rider on his back a few times. I am not going to say he is trained to ride…although I bet he would be happy to do more of it. What work we have done with him, he has been very willing and interested. He is a lovely mover in the pasture. I have some entertaining video of him and his pasture buddies from early this spring, 100’s more pictures, and a few more videos of him rolling in a giant mud puddle (which I hope isn’t a deal breaker).
Please get in touch with me via phone or email if you might be interested in hearing more about Bug Brown.

Contact Info:

Name: Paula Gehl, June 7, 2017
Phone: 603-859-5468

Listed On: Jun 7, 2017