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SPHO-ME is the proud sponsor of the MHA Life After Racing trophy and  New England Standardbred Awards – a comprehensive Standardbred recognition program for the Northeastern United States.  There are many opportunities to get out there with your Standardbred, participate, and demonstrate the versatility of this adaptable breed – all the while having a great time doing it.

There are many different Categories that you can use to make your search of the Calendar easier.  Click on the “Categories” icon below and you can select one or more categories to make your search easier.  Also keep in mind that a show can have more than one category assigned to it so you may see the same show even though you have selected different options.  Lets say you want to look for Eventing and Show Jumping shows, you would click on Categories -> then click on Eventing -> then click on Show Jumping and you’ll see that both choices now have a darker background and the Categories icon is a different color.  To remove you selection just click on it again, once you do it once or twice you should get the hang of it.

All times in the calendar are approximate, please check with the show management for actual times.  We’ll try to keep the information as up to date as possible but please be sure to check with the event organizers for the most up to date information.

Beland Stables Schooling Show @ Beland Stables, Inc.
Nov 5 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Fillable  2017 Beland_Stables_SS_Entry.   Fill in , save on your computer to attach to an email, or  print it to mail via USPS.

Email entries to secretary@belandstables.com.

Mail entries to Beland Stables, PO Box 1072, Lakeville, MA 02347  attn Show Secretary

Schooling Show Entry Requirements check list

  • Completed entry form
  • Negative Coggins
  • Rhino inoculation Proof
  • Payment – If sent by Email, must provide PayPal Email address.

PayPal eliminates the need to send credit card information in an Email,  The procedure is simple.

  1. We will send an invoice to the PayPal Email address.
  2. When received click on Approve Invoice
  3. Sign in to PayPal and approve

If coming from Maine, check with NH for requirements for driving through the State and with Massachusetts for competing in State.


Puckerbrush Farm Schooling Show
Nov 5 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Please see The Maine Dressage Society website for more details.