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Midnight Owl

  • Your Name & DATE OF LISTING:: Diane Byers January 2, 2017
  • Email Address::
  • Phone number:: 416 267 1357
  • Horse’s Name:: Midnight Owl
  • Horse’s Age:: 19
  • Height:: About 5.3
  • Color:: Brown/white sock
  • Location:: Unknown/Eastern USA?
  • Price:: Good home
  • Pacer or Trotter?: Pacer
  • Ever been raced?: Yes
  • Gender: Mare
  • Training: unknown
  • Temperament (Rate horse’s temperament with 1 being very calm and 5 being very excitable.): 1 or 2
  • Description/More Details: I’m looking for this mare who likely is not known as Midnight Owl. Her freeze brand is TW074 and is on the right side of her neck. 
  • She has a white sock to the ankle on her right hind leg. The photo is a very old one but it shows her white sock. She would look different now at 19 and I believe she had a tendon problem along the way. 
  • She had been a broodmare in Maine a few years back. She was sold to two Amish men a few years ago. She was in good shape at that point.
  • I know that I’m looking for a needle in a haystack in my search but perhaps she is out there somewhere. Thank you to anyone who can keep an eye out for her.